Who Uses Counselling                                                                      We all need emotional support from time to time, many of us find parts of our lives difficult and we can't always turn to family and friends. It can be helpful to talk to someone in confidence who is impartial and non-judgemental. Therapy is a way of helping people who are distressed or affected by experiences that have happened in the past. I will do my best to help a person understand their responses and find ways to manage them. People come to counselling to understand feelings of loss, difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious and frightened, low mood or worry, others may be having difficulty handling bereavement, separation and relationships at home and work. Also to help understand how these past experiences mould us into the people we become, why certain patterns of behaviour exist and with that knowledge encourage new patterns for the future. As well as individual counselling I also offer couple counselling that can include married couples, partners, same sex couples or siblings. 
What You Can Expect
I offer an initial assessment session during which we explore your reasons for coming to counselling and try to understand the things unsettling you. At the end of the session you can then decide whether to take counselling further and have a regular safe place to explore your needs and reflect on your concerns. You then book a series of weekly counselling sessions each of 50 minutes duration.         

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